Building social equity into climate change policies.

Partnering social equity and climate action.

What is climate equity? Proactively addressing unequal distribution of eco-friendly transportation options, affordable clean energy and housing, and access to clean air, clean water, and public space. Involving stakeholders in the process, here are ways cities can build climate equity into their climate change plans. Four areas that community members often desire that can address climate change while increasing equity include:

Buildings: Ensure affordable and healthy housing and identify extreme weather shelters.

Transportation policy: Provide access to buses, biking trails, and community eco-passes

Industry / Energy: Create “green” jobs for middle-class and work to build affordable green energy

Food & Water: Ensure safe food and water supplies in changing climate

Take a look at how cities in Colorado can involve community stakeholders in the climate action planning process. This is an open source presentation. Recommended citation: Schlachter, C. (2019). Building climate equity. Retrieved from